Prologue (Part 4): The Trapped

August 21, 2009

I hope no one outside can see me

As Susannah had gathered as much information as she could get her hands on, she quietly closed the laptop and went to head back downstairs.

Eeek I really need the toilet!

She ran out the room and hurried back to the grand staircase knowing that if she didn’t hurry back to the party soon it would start to rouse people’s suspisions.

I wonder whats up here

Unfortunatly for Susannah some people were most suspicious that others. Kim was on her was up the stairs!

Fee Fii Foo Fum!

Susannah quickly hid behind one of the walls as she watched Kim climb the stairs. Dammit thought Susannah I had nearly made it.

Urgh! I can't run in heels

As soon as she had seen Kim walk down the left corridor, Susannah knowing this was her only chance quickly ran the other way.

This looks like a good safe room

She made it to what seemed like a spare room and went to hide in the adjacent  room until she knew it would be safe to come out.

I wonder if Pizza Hut are still open

It happened that the room Susannah had just entered was one of the many bathrooms situated around the place, she quickly bolted the door and tried to phone Mark but to no avail.

I better not be getting any more spots

Susannah stared at her reflection in the mirror.

“Urgh, how do I manage to get myself in to these situations?” she quietly said to herself as she adjusted her necklace.

Oh noes she's comming to get you

Unbeknownst to her, Kim had made her was to the spare room.

Hmmm where could she be?

I’ve got you now, she thought to herself as she wanted upto the door and started banging on it.

“Let me in now!” shouted Kim “I know what you’ve been doing,”

 Hey can I have a double cheese pizza with anchovies tuna jalapeno peppers and bbq sauce

Panic-stricken, Susannah again phoned Mark, it rang and rang, eventually a familiar voice spoke.  ‘Hello’… it was Mark.

Susannah felt as ease for about a second and gave a deep sigh of relief.

“Mark,” she whispered “…they know!  I’ve got the data, but I’m trapped inside the bathroom, I don’t know what to do,”

‘I’m really sorry Susannah, their is nothing I can do, your going to have to think of a way out yourself,’  When she heard these words she felt her head crushing with worry.


‘I know you can do it,’  interupted Mark, and with that the phone went dead.

Did you just fart?

Downstairs Gordon and his guests were blissfully unaware of the events unraveling upstairs.

It must have been one of you two

Milla did her best to keep everyone talking so their minds wouldn’t wonder  to where Kim and Susannah had disappeared too.

so anyways the weather is nice this evening

  Unforunatly trying to keep everyone entertained for longer than 5 minuets didn’t go to plan.

“I’m sorry to interrupt you Satomi,”  said Gordon to Milla under her new alias. “But I have a couple of important things I need to do,”  and with that he stood up and headed upstairs.

 Their was nothing Milla could do he had left the room.

Once she knew their was nothing else she could do she pardoned herself from the rest of the guests and made an excuse to leave.

You do realise you could have just pushed the door to open it

Just after Milla has left the mansion Gordon had made his way to where Kim was.

“Gordon sir… that girl you invited to the party…she has been going through your stuff in your room…I followed her and she has locked herself in the bathroom,” Kim informed.

“Now then..” said Gordon not looking impressed at all. “Let’s take care of this little problem.”


Prologue (Part 3): The Party

August 3, 2009

For the next couple of weeks all Susannah could think about was the mission and the party that she would be attending, she had been given designer jewelry and a gorgeous black designer dress to wear, all courtesy of her boss, obviously she would have to give it back as it was all rented, but for the mean time Susannah felt a million dollars.

Soon enough it was time to get down to business, she met up with Milla and they headed of to the party.

Oh yeah I'm hot

“Now remember, when I give you the signal  make some excuse to leave the party then while you are busy looking for anything that could help us, I will try and keep Gordon busy,”  Milla informed.

Oh hell no is she nicking my spotlight!

“Yeah sure…” said Susannah gazing up at the French inspired mansion.

Oh Meh Gawd! It's soooooo big!

It was the most extravagant thing she had ever seen, it made her dinky little bungalow seem insignificant.

We ready to kick some demon butt? (cookie for getting the reference)

“Come on Suze, we can’t admire the building all night, we have a job to do,” Smiled Milla.

“Sorry…it’s just so beautiful,” Said Susannah.  “I can’t believe I’m about to do this, what if something goes wrong?” she asked.

“Don’t worry, thats why I’m here…”  Replied Milla.  “Anyway I want to introduce you to Louise and Steven Blackwell,” pointing to the couple walking to the front door.

I'm so rich I could paint Saturn gold

Milla introduced Susannah to the couple and started some light conversation with them.

Well I'm so hot I could pull the old guy

The sound of the front door interrupted Louisa and Milla’s conversation, they all looked and the guy standing their, it was Gordon James.

“Hello everybody, thank you for coming tonight, I’m sorry I kept you waiting would you please make your way to the sitting room, I will be with you all shortly,”  He said in a calm and collective voice.

Evil scheming

After everyone had gone to the living room he turned to his assistant.

“Kim…do you know who that woman in the black dress was?”

Like Oh Em Gee that girl with the ponytail is dressed like a total slut

“I don’t sorry, is their any particular reason your asking?” She replied.

And they think I can't hear them, psh

“Not really, but do keep an eye on her,” he said,  looking in Susannah’s direction.

I dunno what to write. :(

Later that evening when the party was in full blow Milla gave Susannah the cue to go.

“Now remember check all the rooms the data could be anywhere, but be quick,” whispered Milla.

Yeah this partys boring I'm off

Susannah left the room pretending to head towards the bathroom.

Gosh how many stairs do I gotta climb

She quickly dashed up the stairs and checked all the rooms on the first floor…nothing, she headed up the next flight of stairs and eventually found the master bedroom, the door was ajar so she went inside.

Yay now I can play Sims 3!

Susannah found a laptop, she opened it up and pressed the power on button.

Password? Hmmm...ilykmudkipz

There she was introduced to the password screen.

“Password…password, what could it be?”  She thought.

Glancing over at a notebook she noticed see a seven digit code engraved into the paper, probably from someone pressing to hard onto one of the older sheets…she typed it into the computer.This ain't no pronzors

It had worked!

Susannah quickly started looking through some documents, but nothing, she nearly gave up but then decided to check the recycling bin, she restored the files which were supposed to have been deleted and that was when she found it, a document titled “Alpha MM 1.0 DATA” Susannah opened up  the document and started to read.

The internet is for porn lol

Susannah couldn’t believe what she was reading, most of the document contained some sort of code, but she had managed to decipher most of it, the code appeared to be instructions on how to use the device, it appeared that it was some sort of mind control device, it didn’t take long for Susannah to realise that in the wrong hands this could be extremely dangerous….


Prologue (Part 2): The Assignment

July 27, 2009

Come closer

Susannah walked into Mark’s office, she always got shivers whenever she went in their, this was most likely because of the coldness of the room, or maybe it was because of how serious Mark always seemed.

“Susannah, thank you for coming in at such short notice, now I know that you didn’t want to work this weekend, but I think you will be very interested in this job, we have been working on it for months and finally I think we will be able to complete this investigation,” said Mark composedly.

“So what is it then?” asked Susannah.

Whos the boss?

“We have another agent arriving soon, who will be able to give you more information,” replied Mark.

And with that the door behind Susannah opened.

It's Milla!

“Hello their Mark, I’m sorry I’m late, I had a couple of problems with my car…” Said the woman who just entered the room.

“…so you must be Susannah, it’s very nice to meet you, I’m Milla by the way,” she said smiling.

Introduce yourselfs then.

“Likewise,” replied Susannah.

“Milla could you please inform Susannah of what her mission is,” asked Mark.

Bla bla bla!

 “Ah yes! For the last month or so we have been keeping an eye out on a Mr Gordon James, he recently moved to Sunset Valley and lives up on Summer Hill, so he’s obviously got a bit of money on him, anyway their had been rumours that people have recently been going in and out of the old ‘Outstanding Citizen Warehouse Corp’  building up by the waterfall, so after getting some information we sent someone up their to investigate and we managed to film this footage,” exclaimed Milla.

Evil schemimg

“The guy you see here is Mr James, unfortunatly we do not know who the woman with him is, we belive that she may be his personal assistant, but who ever she is, be carful of her,”


“Now this is woman here is Julia Davies, she is one of the head scientists up at the science facility, she took over the place after the Landgraabs disappeared,”

Now lets take over the world

“As you can see here, their is defiantly some sort of deal about to take place,”

If looks could kill

“And that’s when we see it…”

Ooh what does this button do?

“This strange device, we don’t know what it is or what it does, and that is what we need you to find out,”


“Your mission is to get into Mr James’ mansion and try and find any data or any emails concerning this device,” Exclaimed Milla.

more taking...

“But how am I supposed to get inside the mansion, it’s not like I can just walk through the front door?” Asked Susannah sounding concerned.

“That is exactly what your going to do, he is having a party in a couple of weeks with some investors, and you are going to attend, I have been getting to know a couple of the people who are attending this party and they are going to let you tag along,” Milla informed.

“But how is that going to work?”  Asked Susannah again.

“Well I managed to get an invite, so I just asked if I could bring my PA, that being you,” Smiled Milla.

“Wait but couldn’t you just get the information by yourself?”  Said Susannah inquiringly.

“I could but I can’t go in their alone, I need back up, plus I’ve heard your pretty athletic so it should be easy for you to escape in case anything bad does happen,”

“So your trying to say that I’m dispensable?” Frowned Susannah.

“Of course not, it’s just other than the woman who was supposed to be doing this mission, your the only real suitable candidate,”  Replied Milla.

“So you’ll do it?” asked Milla coyly.

“Yeah, I’ll do it,” replied Susannah with a smile.


Prologue (Part 1): The Introduction

July 22, 2009

In the mirror

“Urgh, how do I manage to get myself in to these situations?” Said the brunette to herself as she adjusted her necklace in the mirror.

Their was a bang on the bathroom door.

 Knock at the door

“Let me in now!” shouted a woman from outside the room, “I know what you’ve been doing,”


The brunette gasped, “Oh My God, she knows, how am I supposed to get out of here now…”


2 weeks earlier…

Get Up!

It was 7am Saturday 7th July, the day Susannah Summers had been waiting for, it was her first day off from work in 12 days, she had just finished working undercover as a chef at the local bistro after it was alleged that Llama meat was being used in the stu surprise.

Finally your up.

Feeling content with her plans for the day, Susannah finally decided to get out of her warm bed and face the world.

Pearly whites

She went to have her morning wash and brush her teeth, Susannah stared at herself in the mirror thinking about what it would be like to just live a normal life with a normal job and possibly a family.

Stop looking in the mirror all the time!

 Then she snapped out of it, she loved her job being an undercover agent ment she could be things she never thought possible, even if it did mean somtimes smelling like pee, when you have to go undercover as a janitor at a school, just to find out if the teachers aliens trying to brainwash the students.

Now go to work!

After having pancakes for breakfast which was quite a treat, the phone rang.

“Hello?….yes thanks, you?….thats good….yeah I’m glad I’ve finished that job now, but atleast we know the Llamas are fine….so anyway what did you want?….”

And that was when Susannah’s perfect day started to go down hill.

Work calling

“But, I booked the weekend off….but carn’t Jenny do the job instead?….swine flu my ass, she is totally just pulling a sickie….I’m not being awkward, I had plans to go to the theater later and I have an appointment booked at the spa….fine, but if I have to do anything  messy I’m not doing it….ok I’ll just get dressed and then I’ll come in,”

And with that Susannah put down the phone and stormed off to get dressed.

Getting Changed

After looking in her drawer Susannah realised all her clothes were dirty, as she had planned to spend part of her weekend catching up on some laundry, so she just chucked on an old vest top which she hadn’t worn in ages, and then left for work.

Urgh work!

“And just think, I could have be at home watching some Saturday morning wrestling on TV,” said Susannah to herself.

Asking the receptionist.

“Hey Lydia,”

“Oh hiiya Suze, what you doin’ in here today?”

“I’ve been given one of Jenny’s assignments cause she’s supposedly ill,”

Lol u iz stupid

“Urrh, you dun think it’s swine flu do ya,”

“Thats what I was told but you know what Jenny is like,”

“Eeek is it contagious, I dun wan itchy red spots all over my body,”

“That’s chicken pox, not swine flu, you crack me up sometimes Lydia, anyway tell Mark that I’m waiting to go in,”


Susannah took a seat in the reception, waiting to find out what she would be undercover as now, she could hear Lydia humming “Toxic”.

“Now why can’t I ever have a misson like that, where their are nice clothes and even nicer guys,” she thought to herself.

Were ready for you now. ;)

Lydia snapped Susannah out of her little fantasy.

“Mark awatin ya, just go in and he’ll give ya your new assignment,”


Just some info before I start.

July 22, 2009

Hey peeps!  This is my second attempt at a legacy for The Sims 3 as my first attempt got messed up, I posted it on Official Sims 3 site but the images were to grainy for me to want to publish another legacy over their, so I have decided to follow in the foot steps of other Legacy writers and convert myself to the ways of WordPress and publish my legacy story over here. Two of my favourite legacies/stories which I have been reading are “Magical Roots” by NightRowan and “In the Valley of the Sun” by MedleyMisty,  both of whom inspired me to try and make not just a legacy for documentation but to create a story which will not only keep me busy, but something which will hopefully entertain people who decide to read it.

Before I begin with the legacy I am going to delete all the sims from which ever neighbourhood I choose so that my sim will have new faces to meet and to make it more interesting for me, rather than having the usual Gage Broady or Hal Breckenridge as my founders spouse. I will also be playing with the indiestone mod installed so that the spare sims in the legacy can carry on with their lives with no worry of them leaving town and also to make stroy progression work the way I thought it would in the first place, I’m also not going to be scoring my legacy though I will be following all the rules like buying a 60×60 plot of land, “rolling” traits and no cheating, so without further ado lets begin…